Nourishing the brain

“How important it is to take the time to read literature, to look at art, to go to concerts. If all parts of your brain aren’t nourished, you become really limited–less sensitive. It’s like food. You’d get pretty strange if you ate ice cream all the time.” — Kent Nagano, orchestra conductor

celebrateLast Monday, my husband took me to an all-women’s jazz concert at The Schomburg Library in Harlem. I didn’t want to go. I never do. But I’m so glad I did. Not only were these ladies amazing, but just being in their presence made me remember what it is I love about what I do. The creativity. The spirit. The wild abandon you can have when you know all the rules and feel just damn fine bending them. There’s also something about jazz that ignites the soul. It’s so kinetic. I came home itching to write. And that’s the point of art, isn’t it? To make us feel, to make us want to act.

What art have you been enjoying lately?

[Image from the New York Public Library:]


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