Buddha_meditatingThere is no such word as superconscious. I checked. There is:
hyperconscious — acutely aware
subconscious — operating beneath or beyond consciousness
semi-conscious — not entirely aware
unconscious — not aware

If you try to find superconscious, an online dictionary might suggest “collective unconscious” but there’s not really a definition for that either. It’s more of a theory developed by Jung about the collective unconscious mind of a group.

But superconscious has to be a thing because I have actually used it–twice! I think you guys know that I have been revising a novel, and that my agent suggested that I change the name of my villain and the title of my novel. I decided to take the advice of my betters (like Sharon Chreech) who take power naps when they’re stuck. I set myself the task of coming up with a new name, and a new title before I went to bed. The first time, it worked immediately. I woke up with the name in my head, as if I had whisked it out of a dream. The second time, I woke up with nothing, but after sitting down later that day with a pen and notebook, the name jumped right out at me, the third title in a list I hadn’t even finished writing.

It almost made me worried how good the names were and how easily they came once I knew how to summon them. It was almost as if my brain was mocking me with its super power.

You think this is hard? Honey please.

I highly recommend trying it to see what your mind can come up with while you’re sleeping. Imagine the breakthroughs! Imagine the creativity! Can world peace and a cure for cancer be next? What can’t the superconscious do? (Don’t ask. she’s rolling her eyes.)


6 thoughts on “Superconscious

  1. debatterman says:

    Isn’t it almost as if those hard-wired, hard-working synapses are begging to be given a break — so they can better give you what you want/need?

  2. Tracey says:

    We probably bog them down with all that “important stuff” we think we need to be worrying about when we’re awake. I should meditate more. We all should.

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