If you can’t be with the book you love…

There’s a book of Grimm’s Fairy Tales that I had as a child. It was large, heavy, and filled with gorgeous illustrations. I lost it when I moved to the U.S. because I foolishly did not bring it with me, and I have been searching for a copy ever since. Well, the search is over. Not because I found the Grimm’s that I had as a child, but because I’ve found an amazing replacement.
Enter this illustrated Grimm’s that focuses not just on the stories, but on the illustrators who brought them to life.

Each story has a different illustrator, and illustration style, each one engaging and nostalgic. A series of biographies of the artists at the end tell who the artists were, and the influence their time period had on their work. Not one of them is still alive today. Illustrations like these will not come around again.

So I will not continue the search for my old Grimm’s. I still miss it. But the sting has been lessened by this beautiful replacement.


3 thoughts on “If you can’t be with the book you love…

  1. Word Hits says:

    Lovely post. I also still ache for some of my fav books as a child (also lost in moves). I managed to find a couple on Alibris–almost every book there. But wonderful that you have this new book to cherish.

  2. Tracey says:

    Thanks! I have to say that I’ve been reading this new Grimm’s to my kids at night and it is really just as good as the one that I had as a kid. I’m so happy that I found it!

  3. Donna says:

    What a beautiful story.. As a child, my mom always loved to read. Her mother thought that reading was a waste of time. An aunt who was a reader would give my mother books and my mom’s great discovery was the public library. (Ironically, I now work in a library). A few years ago I asked her what was her most requested gift when growing up and did she receive it. Her response was it was a book and no she did not. Well since then, I will order book(s) for her and they just appear in the mail box. Just like your favorite book of fairy tales they don’t replace what is missing but it does allow you to build new memories that are just as sweet.

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