It’s Thursday. So shut up.

944827_620264111336708_650207823_nDidn’t today feel like a Friday? All day I was exhausted, felt like I was behind the 8 ball, and didn’t feel I accomplished much even though I was running around doing stuff all day. I wasn’t the only one in the office who felt that way. I think today was meant to be a Friday and the calendar (who is clearly also having a weird day) is off by one.

The one saving grace for today is that it’s my t.v. watching night. That’s right. I don’t watch that much t.v. and all of my shows gang up on one night: Project Runway, Grey’s Anatomy, and Scandal. Now that PR is over, I only have 2 shows to deal with, but still. It’s make dinner, get the kids to bed early, and everyone zip it come 9pm. A perfect evening where the only person I’m thinking about is me. Actually, I’m not even thinking about me. Me is lost in a t.v. screen and whatever it is that I was thinking/worrying/cringing about has disappeared for a few hours. I don’t even care about the plots that much. What I care about is the mental transport to some other place for a few hours one night a week. The only thing that would make Thursday better is if it fell on a Friday, so I could sleep in the next morning…not that the kids ever let me do that.

I better go start dinner.


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