Book banning makes me want to dance.

It’s banned books week. And thank goodness. Everything that is horrible, morally lacking, and unfit for human eyeballs is listed pretty much everywhere this week so I can find them! Ah, freedom. It smells like old library. I’m so grateful for book banning and challenging, I can’t even tell you. You’ve probably already heard about how Rainbow Rowell was disinvited to a school district to talk about her novel, Eleanor and Park. I might not have heard of Eleanor and Park if it wasn’t for that. And now I can buy the book. Here! Stuff like this keeps happening, right? And usually backfires, showing people like me what they should be reading, giving authors loads of press, and showing the world who the morons are and how they find new ways to couch their censorship talk.

But probably my favorite, favorite thing about censorship is how much it reminds me of Footloose. Can you ever get enough of Kevin Bacon dancing? I know I can’t. So the next time someone bans a book, do like Kevin Bacon. Dance in the headlights…all the way to the bookstore.

Go here for all your banned books week activities. Enjoy.


9 thoughts on “Book banning makes me want to dance.

  1. Tracey says:

    @Maria It’s Footloose! With Kevin Bacon! I’m sure it’s on Netflix. Rent it this weekend. You won’t be disappointed.

    @Deb what’s not to like about that movie, right?

  2. marizlife says:

    I am in love with the book Eleanor and Park! Maybe it does have a few swears… ok, a lot. But it makes the story seem more believable and real.

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