This week in writing 1/13/14

613px-Happy_new_year_01_svgIt’s two weeks into the new year. You’ve made your resolutions. You’ve probably already broken one or two. Hey, I only had one (write every day), and that went bye-bye for a night at a Korean karaoke bar. Look, I can’t write drunk. I’m not Hemingway. But besides falling off the writing wagon, there are many other things that went on in the writing world this week.

Did you have a good Christmas? Good. Know who didn’t? Nook. B&N’s ereader had very poor sales this holiday season, and the new CEO, William Lynch, is blaming his predecessors and the fact that they didn’t come out with a shiny new device in time to pitch it to Santa. Well it’s all on you now, Lynch. See you next Christmas.

In case you didn’t get all the book love you wanted this Christmas, here’s a final best-of list from the New York Times. Top 10!

If you love books AND fashion, you might like this bag. I can probably drop that kind of cash on a first edition. But this has no actual words inside. Seems like a waste. However, it has inspired me to put some cash in the pages of a book and pretend it’s a purse! It was the best of bags…

peregrineAfter the holidays’ lag, you might be having a hard time finding that momentum you need to keep going, so here’s Ransom Riggs on what inspired him to write Miss Peregrine. (I bought it for myself, and my daughter immediately took it. She just returned it to me, so I’ll get to it after I finish Kathy Erskine’s Seeing Red.)

Nathan Bransford also has a post on starting new projects, which you might be doing being that it’s a new year and all.

If Nook’s figures are any indication, looks like ebook numbers might be dropping. I own a Nook and I only bought three books on it last year (none of which I read, according to my Goodreads list. Those were all hardcopy.) But ebook numbers really did decline in the U.S. in 2013, though not worldwide.

Speaking of e-stuff, something I’m struggling with lately is social media. I just don’t have the time to dedicate to it, and yet, I’m supposed to be selling my books through social media using handy tips like these! (Which are actually handy despite my inability to use them.)

Wanna see what a whole day of being happy looks like? Well, here you go. (Warning: very addicting.)

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