My shiny new book contract!

If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you probably already know that my middle grade novel has been bought by Algonquin! What you might not know are the details.

The working title is THE JUMBIE SEED, though that is likely to change by publication date, which is Spring 2015.

Here’s the opening paragraph of the pitch my agent Marie used to sell this novel:

Caribbean island lore melds with adventure and touches of horror in The Jumbie Seed, a tale about Corinne La Mer, a girl who on All Hallow’s Eve accidentally draws a monstrous jumbie out of the forest, sparking a very personal war that only she can stop–a war made even more difficult once she discovers her own dark truth.

For those of you not from the Caribbean, a jumbie is a ghost, malevolent spirit, or any number of creatures that will come out to get you at night. Several different types of jumbies appear in this novel, for e.g.

soucouyant (soo-coo-YAH): an old woman who sheds her skin and turns into a fireball so she can fly in through your window and sucks your blood

douen (dwen): a child spirit with backwards feet, that lives in the forest.

ligahoo (lah-gah-HOO): a spirit that can take the form of a werewolf, or a man carrying a coffin and wearing chains around his body. NOT to be messed with.

I’m very excited to be working with Emily Parliman and Elise Howard at Algonquin on this. Elise was the editor on Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book. Both Gaiman and Graveyard are big favorites of mine.

Man, I hope the rest of 2014 is this good! 🙂


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