PC vs Mac 2: The Enragening

Well it’s happened again. It was bound to. I don’t know why I’m so surprised. Yesterday, I watched an email takedown of a colleague who was having some issues with her PC. The call to come on over to Mac was swift, and carried on in waves. As if Macs work absolutely perfectly every single day from first purchase, to when they’re returned to Apple mecca and given individual tribute sendoffs to the tune of a pan flute playing The Beatles.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t love your Mac. You should. You spent a crap ton of money on that thing and probably had to endure a malodorous iStore in the process. By all means, hug it until you morph into a new bio-mechanical unit capable of all the usual computer stuff AND genuine emotion. Do it.

But please, refrain from telling me and anybody else in earshot why we should give up our preferred tool for yours. It’s the equivalent of saying, You use PaperMate Inkjoys? Don’t you know they blot at a rate of .025 millileters per hour? Besides MontBlancs are so much cooler. You should switch to a MontBlanc stat.

Let’s just be clear about the fact that both of these types of machines are tools. A hella-fancy crayon, or photo album, or record player, or hammer, or whatever you use it for. And let’s also be clear that the perceived coolness of Mac is unattainable for some. PCs have the lion share of the market. And because of it, they have many companies making hardware, some at price points way more affordable than a Mac. It’s sad really, the poor bastards who quite literally cannot afford to be cool. Right?

Of course, I can afford to be “cool,” I just prefer to be cool with a PC. And when my Mac-using friends have issues, I don’t go yelling at them to switch, because it doesn’t matter to me what they use, so long as they use it to stay in touch with me. Just like when my daughter uses those push point pencils (you know–the ones with the interchangeable points) and all of them are broken or she loses one on the ground (which invariably winds up impaling me) so that the entire pencil becomes totally useless, I don’t say, You fool! You should have been using a Ticonderoga #2. Then you could just sharpen it! Even though I honestly believe that those push point pencils were made by a mother-hating office supply demon. Because so long as that homework gets done, I don’t much care what she uses to write it.

And lastly. Who exactly does this beating of the breast for one company over another benefit? You? Nope. It’s the two mega-billion dollar companies whose only interest is in getting all of us poor tech-loving saps to buy ever more stuff, click upgrade until our fingers bleed, and keep us blinded to the fact that they are literally banking on us having this same stupid conversation over and over again.

So this is my last rant on the subject.

Oh, for the record, I use a Mac for work. I don’t hate it. I just prefer the PC.

2 thoughts on “PC vs Mac 2: The Enragening

  1. sweatyknitter says:

    That was quite a rant indeed. 🙂 I go way back with PCs – did beta testing back in the early ’80s. Most of my professional experience has been with PC. Yet I vastly prefer the Mac platform; I find it provides a more elegant and nimble tool for what I now need than the PC platform. Like many people in the geek world (even dinosaurs like us!) we are a two platform household, both in desktop and laptop. Thor uses his Mac or PC (both powerful) for different types of work. I am waiting for my PC laptop to die (it’s on its way – didn’t last long and that includes my having to swap out the hard drive when it was only 2 yrs old), so I can justifying buying a Mac Air. The clean synchronicity between that and my iPad and iPhone can’t be beat, in my humble opinion. No rant. :).

  2. Tracey says:

    I’m totally behind it. I use a MacBook Pro for work. It’s fine. It just doesn’t blow me away and I find my Surface machines to be much more flexible and user-friendly. I am not sure what I would do if someone took away my touch-screen convertible laptop/tablet. Actually, maybe I’d just read a book. 🙂

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