An Oscar fact that shocked me

lupita1111Who doesn’t love Lupita Nyong’o? She’s talented, beautiful, and the girl can seriously rock a tiny ‘fro. Her acceptance speech last night was tremendous, moving, and made everyone want to be her bestie. (Cue to Angelina Jolie and her hugging.) As she walked off the stage, I thought she looked just like a princess. Of course, much was made about her blue dress resembling Disney Cinderella’s, but Cindy had a pretty awesome dress. Just sayin’.

Cinderella-cinderella-24490689-421-421This morning, the Oscar roundups included this fact: Nyong’o is the 7th black actress to win an Oscar. To be clear, she’s not the 7th to win for a leading role. She’s the 7th. EVER. In 75 years.

It totally sucked all the wind out of me. The lack of equity in popular culture is a problem. Not just for some of us, but for all of us. Kate Blanchett’s acceptance speech where she talks about the fact that movies with women are not “niche experiences” speaks to one kind of inequity. Clearly, there are others.

There are a lot of conversations about inequity. But talk is cheap. For my part, I can only continue to write about the characters I’d like to see in mainstream culture. Whether or not they become mainstream…that’s another story.