Hallelujah it’s finally spring!

After the brutal winter we had in the NE, spring seems to have finally sprung. Which means that our nefarious groundhog is back. But I’m not even mad about it. Yet. Spring has brought the bunnies out, the squirrels are busy as ever, and there is grass on the ground! ACTUAL GREEN GRASS. Well, it’s mostly green. I mean it had been covered in ice for weeks at a time. There are buds on the trees, and I saw something green poking up out of the ground this morning. Maybe it will be a crocus! Fingers crossed.

Here are all the things I love about spring (and a few I don’t).

1. I can wear skirts and dresses again. (I hate tights, so if I wear a skirt or dress in winter, it’s not for long.)


2. Cute outfits! (It is very difficult to be cute and keep your behind from freezing.)

spring outfit

3. Flowers everywhere! (Although this also means sneezing, that’s why God invented Claritin. OK so it wasn’t God. Whatevs.)


4. More sunlight! (Hooray for Vitamin E!)


5. Less crankiness. (Face it, everyone’s pissed when it’s dark and cold. Even Elsa from Frozen.)


6. Being outside. (I make no bones about the fact that I hibernate every winter. People do outside things when it’s cold? Shiver. Literally.)

cat outside

7. Rainy days that make me bust out the brightly-colored raincoats. (Plus the kids have cute rain boots for puddle splashin’. Yes, even the big kid.)


8. The cardinal. (This dude makes his home in our backyard every spring. As soon as I see him and his lady friend, who is sadly, not as bright, I know it’s officially spring.)


9. The groundhog. (Our war begins anew, my furry nemesis.)


10. The nest outside the bathroom window. (Tweeting is my alarm clock. At daybreak. Unpleasant!)

bird nest

11. Yard work. (Because it’s yard work.)

yard work

Happy spring, everyone!



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