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The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste (Algonquin Young Readers, Expected Publication April 2015)

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that all fairy tales aren’t involving castles and sprites and dragons and such.  The European fairy tales, like those of The Brothers Grimm and Andersen have become almost general knowledge in our society.  We absorb them and know them and can tell you the salient points without effort.  Glass slippers, high castle towers, poison apples, enchanted frogs.  We know these images all too well.    But  stories exist in every corner of the world,  the children in India, or China or Trinidad would have grown up with their own sorts of “fairy tales”  that most of us don’t know so well.  New landscapes and new mythologies to explore aren’t a bad idea.  Readers can get so caught up in one set of tropes and story arcs that they forget there are other possibilities.

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