“Proud Fierce Papa Bear” – The Speech

Bill Konigsberg Online

Following is the speech of the first half of my talk at ALAN on Nov 19, 2018. It touches on an event that happened at a panel at NCTE on Saturday. Video is likely to follow, but I wanted this to get out there. I will post the text of the second half of the talk, which is more about toxic masculinity and my forthcoming novel, THE MUSIC OF WHAT HAPPENS, tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 1.06.51 PM

Thank you. I am honored to be here with you today.

I feel a strong need to start off by talking about an experience I had just this weekend at NCTE. Since we’re talking about acting up and speaking out in YA literature, I would be remiss to not start by talking about an experience in which I had to act up and speak out at a major YA literature conference.

As some of you may know…

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