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I do a limited number of presentations per school year. Booking early is recommended.

UPDATE: I am only booking local school visits in New York and New Jersey for the rest of 2018/2019. But, good news! If you’re in other states, you get first dibs at next school year!

GBF presentation

Playing Jumbie @ the Gaithersburg Book Festival

Jumbie Defense Classes (Grades 2+) Learn all about jumbies, Caribbean fairy tale characters, in an interactive lesson that involves role-playing and dress-up. Great Social Studies multicultural activity that’s fun for all ages.

Features: Role play with props


Build-a-Story (Grades K+) This interactive story-builder gets kids in the middle of the action as they create a story with a character, plot, setting, and conflict. As students act out different parts of the story, including plot devices, they learn about the elements of a good story, and have fun to boot!

Features: Dramatic activity with props



In my 2nd grade classroom

The Plot Thickens (Grades 3+) A writer’s workshop in the elements of plot that guides students to create a story as a group, and then one on their own. Includes an overview of different types of plots using examples from popular books and movies.

Features: Visual presentation; Hands-on exercises


Voice Lessons (Grades 3+) Visualization and improv techniques help students connect to and develop the characters in their story.

Features: Interactive exercises as a whole group, pairs, and individual


Author’s Journey (Grades 3+) How I became an author, from my childhood listening to jumbie stories and reading fairy tales on the island of Trinidad, to writing courses at NYU, becoming a teacher, and the many tries it took before I got published, as well as my work as an editor in the publishing industry. This inspirational, interactive presentation will inspire and encourage students to follow their own dreams, whatever they are, and will especially interest budding writers.

Features: A reading from one or more of my books; Visual presentation; Q&A


How to Research and Write Nonfiction (Grades 5+) A presentation on how to find legitimate sources, why the Internet is not a good source of factual information, how to fact-check, and how to use the facts to frame an interesting non-fiction story.

Features: Visual presentation; Q&A