This week in writing… Dr. Seuss edition

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss! Over here, we’re celebrating with green eggs for breakfast (no ham because it’s a Friday in Lent). How are the rest of you guys celebrating?

School Library Journal is celebrating Seuss by re-illustrating his books in the style of other popular kids’ book illustrations. Babar as Horton? Funny! And check out the croc in the hat above.

Other writers have tried, and failed, to imitate Seuss. He’s probably the only writer who’s impervious to the kind of plagiarism that the rest of us fear. Just check out this romance story thief, and this spy novel thief, and who can forget poor Kaavya Viswanathan! So embarrassing. But clearly, not embarrassing enough to make others stop doing it. Le sigh. (Many thanks to Anne Chaconas and her post Why I Won’t Cheat At Words With Friends for discussing that.)

The Hunger Games movie will be out in three weeks and in anticipation, people have been buying up copies to read before getting their movie tickets. (I already have my movie tickets. Do you have yours?) If that particular book isn’t up your alley, there are plenty of other books being made into movies this spring.

Everyone’s so worried about Amazon, but what about Google? Google has long been positioning themselves as a major player in the book industry. Remember when they wanted to digitize every book on the planet? Well we’re still waiting for a decision on the settlement. Whichever way it comes down, Google will still be a major player in the book industry. So keep your eyes and ears open because at least one person still thinks we should worry.

But forget about plagiarizing writers, and movie deals and Google settlements. Back in your writing world, you’re just trying to get things down on the page well. But just when you think it’s over because the manuscript is finished, you have to worry about the synopsis. Good news, Cynthea Liu tells you just how to do it.

Do you write picture books? Agent Susan Hawk describes what she’s looking for.

I don’t know about you guys, but being connected on the internet constantly makes my brain itch. Or twitch. Or plumb shut down on me. Ever wonder what it’s doing to our kids?

And the SCBWI has announced its award winners this week. Have you read any of these books?

An article in School Library Journal discusses how imagination and literacy are connected. It’s a good (long) article. But we already knew that about books and imagination, didn’t we?

And finally a video! This is one of my favorite television moments… Jesse Jackson reading Green Eggs and Ham on SNL. I wasn’t able to embed the video, so just click on the link.