The News is Worthless

One of the many things I learned while writing non-fiction was to double check sources. I put a quote by Marshall J. Cook on my iGoogle page to remind me:

“Verify everything. If your mother says she loves you, get a second source.”

So it puzzles me when the “real” news like the Associated Press and CNN gets stories so completely wrong. There was an article online this morning about Biden getting booed at an Eagles game. Turns out the fans weren’t booing him. They were booing a bad call by the refs. Thank goodness for blogs, or else nobody would know the actual story. Reporters are shameful.

Meanwhile, work on my new novel (still with no name) is going pretty well. I may actually get this thing done by the end of the month, even with the massive amount of Christmas knitting I still have to do.

Debate Wrap-up

Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden

Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden

Following last night’s debate, the usual happened: Democrats thought Biden won and Republicans thought Palin won. What really matters though, are the opinions of people who are independent and undecided and even those who are unable to vote but still have a stake in all of this, i.e. foreigners. Our choice of President will after all, be leader of the free world. The choice will matter to everyone.

As I read through the blog posts, I noticed that people who were undecided felt that Biden did a better job of answering questions and that Palin seemed to be regurgitating a script. One poster from Australia didn’t understand how anyone could stand behind Palin, and thought that the U.S. really needed someone with good foreign policy since the last few years had been an “embarrassment.” Of course, I agree. But if you want a real wrap-up and actual numbers instead of my guessy-guessiness, you can read the CNN analysis here.

Fear and Loathing: the Veeps

Hello folks, in a couple of hours, loquatious Biden and hokey Palin will be attempting to prove their readiness to be 1st runner up to the person with their finger on the button. I’m going to try to blog live, by commenting to this post. You can do the same, and hopefully it’ll all stream live.

Just remember, this is a site that welcomes young adults, so speak your mind, but keep the commentary clean.

Bring it on, Gwen!

Sudden Boost of Confidence

Like every other artist on the face of the earth, I have these peaks and valleys. I feel great about my work for about a minute. And then I feel like a complete failure and want to give up. Today is one of the peak days. Although I’m still avoiding work (and you can see a video of me procrastinating here), I’m suddenly feeling good about LOSING FAITH. I mean, it’s good work and I’m sure it’ll sell, even if it doesn’t happen right away.

Meanwhile, I’m still on the new story. My handy iGoogle page and Days Since counter tell me that I’ve been working on it for 22 days, though “working” is relative.

Also, I’ve joined the group YA for Obama. Tonight is the Biden/Palin debate and there will be live blogging from YA authors and fans. I plan on joining in.

So… who is watching the debate tonight and what are you expecting? Don’t be shy. Write out loud.