Ten questions with writer Michelle Reynoso

So yesterday my internet was down, and I couldn’t post the Monday Mashup (on Tuesday, no less), and since I promised Michelle I’d have her interview up today, I’m pushing back all the publishing news to Thursday. I know. It’s confusing. But it’ll be ok, and things will be back to normal next week. Here we go…

KwP: Hi Michelle, thanks for participating in the book-less book tour. First question: what genre do you typically write?

MR: My main focus right now is young adult fiction, but I also write children’s stories and poetry.

KwP: I mainly write for kids myself, and I’m always impressed with anyone who can write poetry well. Who are your literary influences?

MR: I am ALWAYS reading and my tastes are quite eclectic. I believe every story I read holds a writing lesson for me. Some of my favorite authors include: Khaled Hosseini, Suzanne Collins, David Baldacci, J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charlotte Bronte, Junot Diaz, James Redfield, Robert Frost, Terry Goodkind, Stephen King.

KwP: Wow, that’s a long list and diverse list. So what does your writing space look like?

MR: I write in all kinds of places, some stranger than others, like writing alot in my car, but my home-base writing area is at a desk in the corner at home. I’ve got lot’s of writing tools like a Dictionary and Thesaurus, but I also have things that inspire me too: pictures, music, & my writing idea board.   

KwP: Is making time to write difficult?

MR: It’s not hard to commit to writing every day, which is what I do, but it is hard to find large chunks of time to write. The 4-5 hour writing sessions are harder to come by.

KwP: What are you working on now?

MR: My current project is a young adult, light sci-fi novel. Here’s a quick description:

17 yr old FAITH wants to be normal, like other girls, but nothing is furter from normal than having other-worldly powers, especially ones that you can’t control when you’re being hunted; will her powers help save the world…or destroy it all?

KwP: Man, I love girls who can save the world. I also love the name Faith. So what do you do for fun when you’re not writing about super girls who can save the world?

MR: A lot of reading, hanging out in the park, and spending time with my family. I love a good movie night with the lights out and lot’s of popcorn.

KwP: Mmmm, popcorn. What’s your favorite kind of music?

MR: I love to listen to Pop, 80’s music, rock, but when I’m writing I listen to classical or nature CDs; I can’t concentrate on writing with anything with lyrics.

KwP: What’s your favorite yummy treat?

MR: I love piping hot bread , right out the oven, with melted butter. My mouth is watering as I’m writing this. Now I’m craving it. Time to go make some bread!

KwP: Can you make some for me? Speaking of housework… what’s your most hated household chore?

MR: I hate anything that doesn’t stay done, which is most household chores. No matter how often I clean or do the laundry, it always come back. How annoying, right?

KwP: Um, yeah. I keep hoping the laundry magically does itself, but the pile just keeps getting bigger. So, last question, who is your biggest fan?

MR: My husband, who reads my stories and is brutally honest with feedback. He has been invaluable in helping me to become a better write. My son is a big fan too. He tells me all the time that when I start going book signings he will be in the bookstores telling people that they should come see me – he’s seven years old. It helps to have such a supportive family.

KwP: Thanks for coming by the blog, Michelle, and good luck with your new project.

You can find out more about Michelle Reynoso on her blog and her website.