Annus Mirabilis, Book 9, and taking charge

A few days ago I came across Don Brown’s ODD BOY OUT, a picture book biography of Albert Einstein. The book is lovely, and it would be great for kids who are a little “outside the box” as young Einstein was, but this isn’t a review of the book. The thing that stuck with me was the phrase¬†annus mirabilis. It’s Latin for wonderful year. Einstein’s annus mirabilis happened when he was still working in a patent office and published four articles that changed thinking about time, space and matter.

I need an annus mirabilis. I’ve been sitting on the sidelines of my own career for much too long, and things are just not going as I’d like them to. And while you can’t make things go your way, you can make decisions to move in a better direction. So today, I made a few changes. Some startling. One was quitting a new freelance job. This doesn’t seem like a great idea in this economy, but it’s the right decision for me.

There was also an article on Harold Underdown’s site this morning, Just Say No to Bad Contracts, which is pretty much how I feel about writing in general. I’m saying no to things that just aren’t good enough for me. Things that devalue me. I’m saying no.

Making big business decisions aren’t in my wheelhouse, and having done them all before 10am this morning, I’m feeling empowered, rather than terrified, which is what I thought I’d feel. And while I have no way of knowing if those decisions will help me to make this my annus mirabilis, they’ll help me carve out the career that I really want, not just the one that I feel I can live with.

Today is the day I take charge.

How about you?