The Mashup

It’s Monday! Time for publishing news…

For us social media folks, Livia Blackburne says that blogging is a waste of time. (Frankly, sometimes I wonder myself if I’m just spinning my wheels here). Agree or disagree?

If you tend to disagree, Jane Friedman has some ideas on how to build diversity into your online presence. This was one of those rare posts that actually had new information on this oft-written-about topic. Thank goodness for fresh ideas!

And while you’re on the big bad InterWeb, be careful about how you behave. This social media thing can wreak havoc on your career. That’s from fellow WordPress blog, Whispered Writings.

Back in the writing world, there’s the very awesome Terrible Minds who wants writers to be M…rf…ing Rock Stars. Hell yeah! I’m all for it. Sadly, I’m too polite. Do you want to try? I’ll be your groupie.

There are a bunch of essential Ted talks, and some other clips about why failure isn’t fatal and how it can be rather helpful, in fact. Each of these clips and interviews are extremely instructional, and the last one is J.K. Rowling’s now famous commencement speech. Which is worth the 20 minutes every time. If you don’t click through to anything else this week, this is the one to check out.

If you’re stuck coming up with a book title, or you think what you’ve come up with is immensely stupid, fear not. The folks over at Huffington Post have rounded up the 15 most ridiculous book titles for you. And they really, really are. I think you’re safe.

If you’re try to create a book trailer and want to see what a good one looks like, look no further. I have seen some crappy ones recently, so thank goodness for this lady. Whew. If you’re looking for one that’s for kids, then here you go. Of course, you’d need some animation  skills if you were planning to do something like this on your own.

Neil Gaiman gives you the best and simplest writing advice around. We all probably know all of these, but it’s nice to hear from a master, isn’t it?

And what should a non-fiction query letter look like? This.

If you’re still in the revision process, this kid lit revisions class might be for you. I’ve worked with these folks before, and I love them.

For you indie  writers, there’s an award  for you! Finally! Let’s please separate the wheat from the chaff. I’m really excited about this one.

And once you’re ready to upload your masterpiece, think twice about that 99c price point, will you? Though now that you’re offering that ebook, you can also offer to sign it for your fans who buy it on the Kindle.

And finally, after that ebook love, here’s another article about what ereaders can’t download. I guess the whole real book v. ebook thing isn’t going to go away after all.

Before you  run off, here’s a little fun for ya for the week… and yes, I did see Cowboys vs. Aliens this weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Happy  Monday everyone! Have a great week.


I like to repeat, repeat myself

After finishing my manuscript, my husband was scrambling around for something to read. I suggested Lamb, which is a new “gospel” of Christ as written by “his best friend, Biff.” He downloaded a free sample, and by the end was hooked. Then he said he’d buy the eBook to finish read it.

Me: Why? Just get a copy from the library.

Him: They have an eBook copy?

Me: No. A regular one. That’s how I read it. It’s not a book you’ll read twice.

Him: Do you ever read books twice?

Now there are two things wrong with this discussion. 1) He was skeptical about getting a real live FREE book, because he could buy one for his Nook. I’m sure the folks at B&N are thrilled, but our bank account can’t sustain four voracious, constantly purchasing readers. That’s why we have a library (and one that I keep throwing my support behind to remain full-service). 2) His honestly puzzled query about me reading a book more than once. Doesn’t everyone read their favorite books a few times over? It’s one of the last throwbacks from childhood, getting into a familiar story again. I don’t do it with nonfiction, but I’ve read Miguel Street so many times, my copy has literally disintegrated. I can’t find that poor thing anywhere!

Here are a few others I’ve read repeatedly:
Animal Farm
The Alchemist
Harry Potter (all but the last one)
James and the Giant Peach
Charlotte’s Web
Romeo and Juliet
The Picture of Dorian Gray
A Wrinkle in Time

Now you have books that you’ve read more than once, haven’t you?