Power to the People

Novelist Rita Mae Brown said, “A deadline is negative inspiration. Still, it’s better than no inspiration at all.” So in the absence of real inspiration, I’m using a deadline I have for “Being a Leader” to get me working.

I’ll be doing a short piece about Google and why it’s a model business even though no other businesses seem to want to follow. Google suffers from a disease called “trusting employees.” It’s terrible. They hire the best people they can find, and then leave them alone to do their jobs, and listen to them when they have ideas. It’s shocking, really. Fortunately no place I’ve ever worked has been so sick in the head… not in publishing, not in teaching (where the kids would really benefit from someone listening to their teachers), nowhere. So why aren’t other people following suit? It’s hard to be all-powerful if you  give some power over to the people at the bottom.

Ah, power. Everybody wants it, and so few know how to use it….