Give it a good title

True, it’s what’s inside the book that counts. It’s the narrative, the plot, the vibrancy of the characters that keeps the reader going, but the thing that gets them to your book in the first place is the title.

I love titles. I particularly like the ones that are explicit about the characters or the plot. THE TAMING OF THE SHREW gives you the low-down on the plot of the play. COWBOYS AND ALIENS gives you the movie’s two opposing sides.

Let your title tell something. Either the main character: SNOW WHITE, the main source of aggravation: MOBY DICK, or the plot: THE ODYSSEY. Sometimes being a little more subtle works too. My own title, ANGEL’S GRACE, tells the name of the main character, and it’s a pun that you get by the end of the story. But really obscure titles don’t make people curious about what your story’s about. It just makes them move on to a title that they understand better. And after all the hard work of writing the story, you don’t want the title to turn your readers away.

So give it a good title.