The Littlest Sweat Shop

It is two weeks and a smidge until Christmas. I have three unfinished projects and two that I haven’t even started yet. My back hurts and I’m tired. I am never, never, ever, ever going to knit all the Christmas gifts again. Never ever. I haven’t even gotten to the little ones I was planning for friends. Maybe they’ll get them as New Year gifts. I’m getting a tad bah-humbug-y about everything too.

One fortunate bit is that Corinne has not abandoned me. She is waiting patiently in the recesses of my mind, toeing the surf untilĀ I’m ready to write the real action part of her novel. And that will happen just as soon as I figure out the nemesis’ main gripe. That nemesis is turning out to be a pain in the behind, btw. And right now I don’t have the strength to dig deep enough to figure out what exactly her problem is.

It all goes back to figuring out what MY problem is and I’m sorry, but Christmas is just not a time for delving deep into one’s psyche. It’s a time for choosing perfect presents and wrapping them perfectly and waiting for the look on the recipient’s face after they tear through the wrapping in 0.5 seconds, and then smiling satisfactorily to yourself whilst you suck back eggnog and wait for the rum to enter your bloodstream so that you find everything, including the twinkling lights on the tree, completely hysterical.

I guess Corinne will have to wait until after Christmas for me to get into all of that. At least she’s at the beach. Maybe someone will pass by and parang.

November = Hope

Korean Obama sign

Korean Obama sign

I’m looking forward to voting tomorrow. My daughter and husband are particularly excited about the election, but I have hit a wave of calm. My main wish is that regardless of the winner tomorrow, American leaders will find a way to really listen to everyone in the country, and bring us all back together. The end result of this election is going to be very telling of the future of America and the world, and I hope it will all be for the better.
I thought the Korean Obama signs on the bus stops in Englewood this morning were cool.

In addition, November is National Novel Writing Month. Inspired by “literary abandon,” I’ve decided to diligently work on my new novel and have it completed by November 30th. This does not exactly go along with the rules. You’re supposed to begin and end a new project in November, but I don’t have time for that. I really need to get cranking with work. A title for this project still eludes me.

And because it’s November, and Christmas is looming on the horizon, and my knitting projects are nowhere near finished, I have a little bubble of excitement/worry in the pit of my stomach that makes me want to laugh/cry/run/sing/dance. It turns out that November is all about hope for me this year.
Hope for a better leader
Hope for a better world
Hope for good writing
Hope for a hand-made Christmas