Writer, unplugged

You guys are bumming me out. I realize the economy sucks slimy green alien balls, but the publishing panic is turning uuugly. Run for your lives! It’s the end of the midlist! Where are the liberals wearing “Save the Midlist” t-shirts and staging angry protests?

Well, until the hippies hit the streets, I’m going to go knit something from the Summer 2007 issue of Knit.1. By the time the revolution rolls around I’ll have a swanky new tank-top to wear to the anti-publishing industry marches. Or maybe I’ll watch them on CNN. Or maybe while everyone’s marching, I’ll work on my novel. Or read a good one. An old one. One that’s been getting musty at the library from lack of movement.

Yep. I’ll get unplugged while the rest of you dudes come unglued.

Carry  on.