NaNoWriMo ’09

Sunday begins¬† NaNoWriMo again. That’s National Novel Writing Month, in which a bunch of people hunker down and try to bang out a 50,000 word first draft in 30 days. This year I’m far too stressed-out to seriously consider such a thing, but the idea that thousands of people are all entrenched together in an act of literature for 30 days, gives me the steamy-eyes similar to how I feel at the Olympic opening ceremonies. I believe in a cosmic consciousness in which people who are purposefully pursuing the same thing create energy that others can feed off of and contribute to. It makes me wonder if writing a first draft in November is easier because so many people are doing it. Is it easier to run by yourself or with a group? It is, right? So I’ve heard. That’s why I think the same might apply here.

I don’t know. It’s enticing. I definitely want to do it, but I already have enough stress and I tend to put¬†Ridiculously Massive Pressure on myself for everything, so I think it might be unwise. I’d still like to participate somehow. Maybe a smaller and less-stressful literary goal, like reading two classics in November. I still haven’t finished Invisible Man. That counts, right?

November = Hope

Korean Obama sign

Korean Obama sign

I’m looking forward to voting tomorrow. My daughter and husband are particularly excited about the election, but I have hit a wave of calm. My main wish is that regardless of the winner tomorrow, American leaders will find a way to really listen to everyone in the country, and bring us all back together. The end result of this election is going to be very telling of the future of America and the world, and I hope it will all be for the better.
I thought the Korean Obama signs on the bus stops in Englewood this morning were cool.

In addition, November is National Novel Writing Month. Inspired by “literary abandon,” I’ve decided to diligently work on my new novel and have it completed by November 30th. This does not exactly go along with the rules. You’re supposed to begin and end a new project in November, but I don’t have time for that. I really need to get cranking with work. A title for this project still eludes me.

And because it’s November, and Christmas is looming on the horizon, and my knitting projects are nowhere near finished, I have a little bubble of excitement/worry in the pit of my stomach that makes me want to laugh/cry/run/sing/dance. It turns out that November is all about hope for me this year.
Hope for a better leader
Hope for a better world
Hope for good writing
Hope for a hand-made Christmas