Tonight I’m drinking beer

Tonight I’m drinking beer

Because November has been rough

And I need to relax

And tomorrow has got to be better.


So tonight I’m drinking beer

And knitting

And missing stitches

And throwing the yarn on the floor.


Then tonight I’m spilling beer

But hopefully not on my pajamas

Or only after the kids are asleep

Until tonight becomes



I am learning to let go

I am learning to let go
of bullshit
and crap.
I am learning to stay out
of those dumb
little spats.
I am learning to stand up
hold firm
speak out.
Even though sometimes I
Still cower
and doubt.
I’m surprised at my moxie
or gumption
(or balls).
I wasn’t sure that I had it
inside me
at all.


Today’s date

A mathematical wink

A prompt to say,

“Here’s what I did at 12:12 today”

Simple series of numbers

(Almost) universal joy

Is it the rarity?

Is it the symmetry?

Or is it simply…

We wisely love the little things?

Some days

Some days

I can’t

It’s just

So hard

I mean

I just

Can’t take

Much more

What’s this

What for

Why now

Now what

And then

I try

Have tried

Have failed

Have cried

Have smiled

Next try

What gives

Who knows

What now

Stay strong

Un til

I can’t

No more




The Thought-Crystallizing Idea-Finding Word-Harnesser

Every night as we writers drift off to sleep
Thousands of ideas suddenly creep
Into our heads and rattle around
Each one is pure genius, fantastic, hands down

But the maddening fact that plagues every writer
In this weakened state it’s not easy to muster
The energy to rouse and pin those thoughts down
So they’re fleeting, and “poof!” can never to be found

Oh the woe of losing those precious creations
It’s enough to drive one to procrastination
As writers bemoan the loss of their words
Lost genius, lost characters, those brilliant lost worlds

But now there is a miraculous invention
It’s a writer’s best friend, a wordsmith’s salvation
It suctions pre-slumber ideas from your conscience
And protects them from the tragedy of non-existence

The thought-crystallizing idea-finding word-harnesser
Will be an essential tool for every creator
Just strap on the suction cups, put your hand in the loop
And every dreamy idea will be forever recouped

Never waste your creativity a moment longer
Those beautiful ideas won’t elude you forever
No more loss of genius to fuzzy confusion
Boost your novel’s word count with this sleep revolution

When you wake in the morning your prose will be prepped
Perfectly spelled, formatted and grammar-checked
Only $995 for this digital dream-catcher
Get your own thought-crystallizing idea-finding word-harnesser

The library book

What I’m reading now.

It’s the rustle of the paper beneath my thumb.

The thwick of the end page at the end of my flip.

The crinkle of the protective plastic cover.

The scrape of the cardstock date card into its pocket.

It’s the smell of the paper: old, new, musty, glued.

The indentation of the date stamp.

The lure of something old telling me something new.

It’s why I go to the library.

Poets on poetry

On this last day of Poetry Month, here are 10 quotes about poetry to keep you going for the next 11 months.

Jack Prelutsky, my daughter's favorite

“In the novel you get the journey. In a poem you get the arrival.” —May Sarton

“I could no more define poetry than a terrier can a rat, but I thought we both recognized the object by the symptoms which it provokes in us.” —A.E. Housman

“Of the many definitions of poetry, the simplest is still the best: ‘memorable speech.'” —W.H. Auden

“A poet is not something you become; a poet is something you are.” —Jack Prelutsky

“How to write a poem? Carve a rock you love down to its essence–but keep a weather eye out for crystals of surprise.” —Kay Kidde

“Poetry is what Milton saw when he went blind.” —Don Marquis

“A true poet does not bother to be poetical. Nor does a nursery gardener scent his roses.” —Jean Cocteau

“Poetry. I like to think of it as statements made on the way to the grave.” —Dylan Thomas

“Poetry today is easier to write but harder to remember.” –Stanley Kunitz

“Poet: Lofty synonym for ‘blockhead.'” —Gustave Flaubert