Monday Mashup!!!

As some of us rabid fans await the final installment of the Harry Potter movies, this mysterious website popped up. What is Pottermore?

Turns out the internet is an excellent teaching tool as it was first envisioned! Agents report that due to the wealth of publishing information out there, query letters have been getting better and better. But are the manuscripts getting better too?

Clock machine from Museum of Life, France

But while the queries may be getting better, the wait for responses isn’t. This blogger goes over “publishing time” which he says doesn’t go at the same pace as normal time. Those of us who live in Trinidad understand this phenomena completely as “Trinidad time.” Maybe everyone in publishing is from Trinidad? Awesome. And while you’re doing all of that, here’s a new agency you can query. When you do get that call from an agent that you’ve been looking for, here’s what you should ask.

Ah, the dreaded revisions. But here’s a little relief in the form of a cartoon.

In ebook news, it turns out that picture ebooks also have a page count. Good to know.

Think insecurity is the realm of the newbie writer? Turns out that the published and contracted also go through bouts of self-doubt.

For those interested in my line of business, educational publishing, here’s an invaluable article on what it takes to work in that segment of publishing.

That’s it for the mashup. Have a great week, everyone!

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Friday round-up

Adventures in Children’s Publishing has a very comprehensive list of great articles this week, but they don’t have this stuff! Enjoy.