What Palin is Good For

I’m baffled by the media’s continued obsession with Sarah Palin. It might be the same reason that we turn the pages in a book when a new controversial character is introduced. She piqued our interest with her out-of-nowhere rise to fame, and then started blathering like a “category 5 moron” according to Bill Maher. It could be that some find her beautiful (I am not one of them) and because she’s fairly young, unlike the usual cadavers that make up the Republican party.

As a character, she makes an interesting addition to the story. As an actual human being, I wish she would disappear.

Of course it makes me think about the kinds of characters I can introduce in my own writing that would inject page-turning interest mid-stream. I was thinking of having the main character’s father in my new novel morph into some kind of creature toward the middle of the story, and then I nixed that idea. I think I’m going to go back a couple of chapters and try that out and see how it works out. It might take the story in a new direction and add additional tension and interest. It might work.

I guess Palin is useful after all.