The book-less book tour

Yesterday I was thinking: I’ve “met” a lot of nice writers recently on Facebook and Twitter, all in various stages of the publication process, and I bet all of them are really interesting, and I wondered if they’d like to do an interview. And then I thought about all the unpublished writers out there. Why should all the published writers have all the fun? Don’t unpublished, yet still fabulous, authors deserve a little love? Sure they do! So that’s when I hatched the book-less book tour idea.

Basically, if you’re a writer and have no book to promote, though you’re furiously working on one now, I will interview you. I will pose to you the kinds of questions that the fancy-schmancy published authors get, and you get a day in the spotlight on my blog and a link to the page of your choice. I will ask you things about your writing style, about the books you love, you can gush over your new project as much or as little as you like (because sometimes talking about it takes away from the writing of the thing), and I will even ask you questions your future fans might want to know, like what’s your most hated household chore? Now doesn’t that sound like fun? We can all use a little fun, can’t we?

So if you’re interested, comment here, or send me a message via Twitter. I’m @TraceyBaptiste and use the hashtag #booklessbooktour.