Day 1: Andrea J. Loney

a-loney-author-photoWe at The Brown Bookshelf have been in countdown mode for a while now, excitedly waiting for this day–the commencement of our tenth 28 Days Later campaign!

For those who may be joining our celebration for the first time, the goal of 28 Days Later is to promote increased awareness of black authors and illustrators creating books for children and young adults. Our honorees are those who may be flying “under the radar” of book buyers, as well as those who have reached vanguard status in the literary community.

This year, we have organized our honorees into four different categories:

  • Week 1:  NEW VOICES – YOUNGER  (creators of books for younger readers)
  • Week 2:  NEW VOICES – OLDER  (creators of books for older readers)
  • Week 3:  SOCIAL JUSTICE  (creators of books with themes that foster justice, empathy and/or peace)
  • Week 4:  INSPIRATION WEEK  (authors and illustrators who have inspired members of The…

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