Considering her accomplishments and the hard work Nadia Hohn has put in to her debut, it’s flabbergasting that she downplays these things. But many of us are taught to do that, are we not?


While working with this talented author on her 28 Days Later spotlight, I asked if there was something she would like for people to know about her.  The email I received made me have one of those constant blinking moments. I’ll let you read it for yourself.  Pay specific attention to her question at the end.

…I organized my own “Malaika’s Costume” tour of book presentations and signings at schools, festivals, libraries, and bookstores in Toronto, Brampton, Ottawa, Kingston, Montreal (all in Canada) as well as New York City, Boston, Detroit, and Atlanta (in the United States).  I popped in to sign copies of my book in New Orleans and Miami all in 2016.  I have recently moved to Abu Dhabi to teach and have done a few presentations so far.  I am in the line-up of presenters for the Emirates Air Festival of Literature (EAFOL) in Dubai this March 2017.

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