Enter the black dragon

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy new year! Today begins 15 days of celebrating leading up to the year of the black dragon, or water dragon, black being the color of water in Chinese astrology. What I’ve learned over the past few days is that the dragon brings good luck, and the black dragon is a particular favorite.

Here’s what I like about this black dragon year business:

1) The dragon is the only mystical creature in the Chinese zodiac. For me, that portends something magical. Of course, I’m forever looking for that magical element. Remember last year when Hansel and Gretel showed up at my door? And then what happened? 2012 turned out to be the most difficult year of my life. So I should probably shut my trap with this it’s a sign thing.

2) I like that black in Chinese culture means something entirely different than it does in Western culture. It’s not associated with evil/sadness/trouble/hatred and many other negative things. It means water! It’s a good element. As a black woman, the association of black as a negative completely offends me.

So what’s the black dragon going to do for you? You can check your Chinese horoscope here.


3 thoughts on “Enter the black dragon

  1. Catherine Stine says:

    Yay!!!! Black dragon luck!
    My son is teaching in China and I asked for a really cool dragon bauble to hand from my car mirror. I will def be going to Chinatown in the next week to party and dine.

  2. Tracey says:

    I am using this opportunity to order Chinese food for dinner tonight. The kids are having a little celebration at school as well. I think a dragon in the car would be awesome!

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